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  • Fellow Ranger in Need

    Aug 22nd a kitchen fire broke out at Alan Vega's family home and the house and contents were a total loss.  

    Unfortunately there was a lapse in insurance and as a result there is no insurance to cover this terrible loss.

    They need financial help to cover immediate costs related to relocation and replacement of what was lost. As they have lost all their belongings the need for any donation possible is urgent.

    Alan is the Royal Rangers Director for the Florida Multicultural District. 

    If you can help in any way - please follow this link to the fundrasier in GoFundMe 


    From Brady Allen, NC District Director:

    Greetings to all Royal Ranger leaders.  I pray that all is well with you and your families.  I would like, (if allowed) to share a note of concern on my heart.   For 10 years  I have focused on the forward movement of the Ranger movement.  We have progressed in some areas, but have fell short in others.

    This year as the time for District Events to take place, we are not at a point where men and boys are excited about being part of them.  I will carry that burden.   We have lost growth in the ministry due to a lack of interest, because my vision has been divided.  Is that possible?  When that happens, it’s no longer a vision.  That my friends is calling it as it is.

    My focus has been on getting ready for the next event when it should have been more on God and what He will do with His ministry; not what I can plan.

    Today my course has changed, and I ask you to join me.  The events are great and we will continue to have them, but in order for them to be greater; we, you and I must allow the true Director to plan it and to bless it.  We must focus on what God is doing and join Him.

    This ministry is about people and their spiritual growth, not how well we can put an event or program together.  When we have events in the future, our focus will be on what God has been saying to the men and boys about themselves and what He wants them to do.  THIS is how our events will be greater.

    I look forward to how we work with God in the future of His ministry of the Royal Rangers.  God wants us to grow in our walk with Him, and He wants the Royal Rangers to grow as we follow Him.



    Rev Allen, Brady Jr.
    NC District Royal Ranger Director

  • Lone Eagle Applications

    Lone Eagle Applications are now Online for download.  The applications can be downloaded at www.rral.org.

  • NRMC in Forsythe GA

    Provides instruction in basic outdoor skills and activities providing leaders with the skills needed to take their Ranger boys on exciting outpost activities outside their normal weekly meeting times. Instruction in effectively implementing the team/patrol method will be offered as a means to facilitate junior leadership development. Also, leaders will be challenged to connect with God and explore spiritual manhood.

    We need 26 registrations to make this camp happen.  Monday, April 2nd is our thirty day cut-off to notify the campground if we are a go or no go.  As of March 27 we are at 14 registrations, and we need 12 more to make this camp a go.  Monday, April 2nd will be the go – no go day.   Please make one final push to make this camp a reality.  Use the links below for information and registration.  Be blessed!

    Registration Info


    ?On-line Registration

  • What Did You Learn?

    While at LEAD back in February I heard a lot of stuff about a lot of things and it is always overwhelming because it is so much and so good. The amount of information is more than I can handle. So I have to take a little bit of time once I get home to figure everything out.

    One session I attended they were talking about social media. I have no one to handle Facebook for me, and I am an old fart that has yet to figure it out. But tonight, as I look back at that session, I decided to give it a try. Each Thursday I am going to attempt to ask one simple question about your last outpost meeting. What I hope to achieve is to share ideas and give encouragement and support with commanders across the Southeast Region and beyond. So, here is my first question:

    What skill merit lesson did you teach, and what did YOU learn from it?  Please post on Facebook. Till next week. Be blessed!