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  • Thank You and Merry Christmas

    I want to say Thank You to everyone that gave for Puerto Rico.  Through your generosity we raised $12,000 to help our brothers in Christ.  Please continue to pray for District Director Javier Chevrez, his staff, and commanders.

    I pray each one you has a very Merry Christmas, time with family and friends, and safe travels wherever you may go.  Be blessed!

  • Thanksgiving and Puerto Rico

    Thanksgiving is just a few days away and you are already thinking about food, family, food, fellowship and more food.  Please take a moment to think about our fellow Rangers in Puerto Rico and what kind of Thanksgiving and Christmas they may, or may not have.  I promise this is my last request.  We have met our goal of $10,000, but there is no reason to stop there.  Please consider if there is any more you may be able to do.  Friday, December 1, I will send a check to the national office for whatever we have.  Use the Donation link on the top right corner of our web page to send your gift.

    I pray each of you has a time of fellowship, food, family and fun during this holiday season.  While the Thanksgiving holiday is just one day a year, please remind all those you have opportunity to speak to that Thanksgiving should be a year-round event, thankful for all that we have, and for Jesus our Lord and all he has given.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Be blessed!

  • WCO in Concord, NC

    A World ClassOutpost training event was held at Concord Assembly of God, Concord, NC, Friday and Saturday, November 10-11. JIm Feller lead the team of four instructors including Carl Vecchio, COnference Commander of the SC IPHC, Jamie Roberts from the North Carolina District, and Michael Keese, SERR Coordinator.  We had an awesome weekend with 74 commanders in attendance from multiple districts and denominations.  If you have never been to WCO, plan to attend one soon!

    The Johnnie barns Excellence Initiative December 8-9 at pace Assembly of God, 3948 Hwy 90, Pace, FL, is a go.  If you have been waiting now is the time!  Please help us to make this event a success!  Applicants need to download and complete the application:


    Mail form to: Royal Rangers, 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802-1894 or

    Fax form to: 417.831.8230 Please make checks payable to ROYAL RANGERS or

    Email to royalrangers@ag.org.

  • Donations for Puerto Rico Royal Rangers

    At our recent Territorial Rendezvous we committed all the auction funds raised to Puerto Rico RR.  We raised over $4300!  Afterwards the Pen-Florida district siad they would match those funds putting us over $8600.  Through other donations that have come in we are at $9584!  Can you help us raise another $416 to reach our goal of $10,000 and then some?  Contact your district director on how you can contribute through check, use the DONATE link at the top of this page, or contact me direct at michael.keese@southeastrangers.org.  Be blessed!



    2018 Ambassador – Hunter Wealot

    Hunter Wealot was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. He is the oldest, and the only boy of four siblings. He believes his faith in the Lord and his relationship with his parents helped to mold him into the young man he is today. Hunter is seventeen years old. He is a high school senior and is dual enrolled as a sophomore at Georgia Military College, in addition to working part-time to complete a business employment internship. Hunter says he feels incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment program. He is grateful to be able to earn his Associate’s degree early and sees this as a chance to practice good stewardship with all he has been entrusted with. 

    Hunter is an active participant in Royal Rangers since 2007. He joined the program as a Ranger Kid while attending his home church, Christ Chapel Macon. He credits his father, commanders, family, and pastors for encouraging his growth and development. Hunter says the Ranger curriculum inspired him to begin setting goals for himself. In August of 2011, he earned his Gold Eagle in Discovery Rangers, becoming the first in his church outpost history to earn the achievement. Hunter went on to be the first in his outpost to earn the Gold Medal of Achievement in March of 2016. Since that time, five other boys have earned their Gold Eagle and two more have earned their Gold Medal of Achievement as well. As a Ranger, Hunter has earned the Junior Leadership Development Academy Saber, the Trail of the Saber Medal, and the E1 and E2 awards in Expedition Rangers. He is currently working towards earning the E3 in Expedition Rangers, two Gold Buffalos, the Company Trapper designation in Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), the Buckskin rank in FCF, and his GMA with Merit. Hunter has enjoyed serving as a Junior Commander for the Georgia District Ranger’s Training Academy on two occasions. He serves as a Junior Commander with his local outpost and routinely assists with teaching both Discovery Rangers and Adventure Ranger classes, including various shooting merits, and he will manage his outpost’s social media account. Hunter is looking forward to creating competitive shooting teams within his local outpost.

    Hunter has been participating in shooting sports most of his life and enjoys hunting deer, squirrel, and dove. He harvested his first whitetail deer at the age of seven and has been hooked ever since. Hunter recently took up trapping and tanning as well. He dreams of traveling the world to hunt wild game throughout Alaska, North Dakota, and the African safari. Hunter hopes to live up to his name as an outdoorsman and to inspire others to take up the sport as well. Hunter especially enjoys spending time outdoors just admiring God’s creation. He loves sitting in the deer stand while he reads his Bible. He believes it is a special time where he can be alone and dwell on God’s word. Hunter will also tell you that he loves shooting a camera at wild game just as much as shooting any firearm. Hunter is always looking to learn more about a variety of shooting disciplines and some of his favorite include shotgun/trap, muzzle loading, and archery. Hunter competed with his local 4-H Project S.A.F.E Modified Trap Team and qualified for State Competitions in both 2014 and 2015. He also competed in the Muzzle loading and Shotgun/Trap Competitions at the 2016 National Royal Ranger Camporama and ranked Top-Shooter for both Shotgun/Trap and Archery at the NSSP sponsored, Georgia Royal Rangers 2017 Shooting Sports Action Camp.

    Hunter has a biblical worldview. He credits the Lord with guiding him through life’s trials and he aims to walk in truth and love when faced with sensitive issues effecting today’s youth and families since struggles are a common plague in our society. Some of Hunter’s hobbies beyond shooting, include volunteering, writing, public speaking, photography, reading, leather craft, fishing, camping, wood-working, collecting patches, honing his bush-craft skills, throwing tomahawk and knives, and participating in frontier related activities.

    The Lord willing, Hunter’s plans are to complete his business employment internship and graduate with both his High School diploma and his Associate’s Degree in May 2018. Afterwards, he plans to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He would like to work with the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Traffic Controller. Ultimately, his career aspirations will support his dream to one day own an outdoor sporting company. He also intends to continue serving in Royal Rangers as a Commander and possibly advance in service to the ministry as he gains more experience. He feels that God has called him to minister to others through Royal Rangers and he wants to do the best he can to live up to that calling.